Top Things to Do in St Julian’s

St Julians, on the Malta’s east coast, is the busiest towns on this island. It is a famous tourist destination, yet it keeps its Mediterranean appeal despite its popularity. Around St Julian’s, you’ll still find traces of ancient Maltese fishing village life, wonderfully mixed with a dynamic and cosmopolitan environment. Given its variety of pubs, restaurants, and sights, as well as its closeness to the capital, Valletta, St Julian’s is the ideal starting point for any Malta itinerary.

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What to do when you visit St Julians?

  • Whether it is winter or summer, just must definitely visit one of Malta’s beautiful beaches. St George’s Bay is without a doubt one of the most popular choices in St Julian’s. You can either take a dip or enjoy simply relaxing on the seashore.
  • Whether it’s little windy or hot, the weather in Malta will nearly allow you to enjoy a stroll down the seafront. If you’re in St Julian’s, you may walk down the promenade that connects the two towns, stopping at any of the many cafés along the route for a quick coffee break.
  • You can find some great restaurants here, and from Pizza to Pasta everything tastes truly awesome here. Do try the delicious food here and you will fall in love with the taste.
  • This place is also well known for shopping. Clothing, fragrances, phone service, food, make-up products, a gaming area, and more can all be found here!
  • You’ll find a variety of places to unwind after a hard day of wandering throughout the region, whether it’s with a beer, a drink, or a glass of wine. You may either go local and sample a Maltese beer or a Maltese wine, or you can opt for something which you already know that you’ll enjoy. Your alternatives are limitless in any case.
  • The island’s capital, St Julian’s, is recognised for having the most nightclubs. Anyone aged 17 and up is welcome to visit the clubs for free and have a good time. Do utilize this option to have great fun.
  • If you’re not a fan of waterpolo, but still want to watch a sporting event, St Julian’s has a plethora of sports pubs showing a variety of football and other sporting events.

St Julian’s is one place which has so much to offer. From kids to elders, everybody loves to spend their time here with their loved ones. However, you can also travel to this place, all alone and still have fun.

Visit St Julians today to have loads of fun with your family or friends!


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