Guidelines to Keep Feedback Survey Respondents Happy

According to a research study, more than 88% of people have received a request for feedback survey at some point in their life, either in a store or online. From a study based on why people choose to participate in a feedback survey, it revealed that –

  • 34% responded to feedback surveys generally for the incentive.
  • 87% prefer multiple-choice questionnaires rather than open-ended questions.
  • 91% favor online feedback surveys.
  • 67% agree to complete a minimum of fifty percent of feedback survey forms they receive.
  • 40% feel that companies discreetly pay attention to a customer feedback survey.
  • 45% are not ready to spend more than 4 to 5 minutes answering survey questions.

A survey requests people to share their opinions after using a product or service or visiting a physical or online store. Managers first need to identify who is really completing the feedback survey and ways to keep them satisfied. Here is a researcher guide to accessing survey audiences and keep them happy.

Go online

As more than 91% of people favor online feedback surveys, it is sensible to use online resources like send an email to your existing contact list that has chosen to receive your emails. Ensure to send a survey to the right respondent and not to everyone in the contact list as it ensures a high response rate.

As per a study, the majority of respondents most probably finish the online feedback surveys on Thursday and Friday between 7 am – 1 pm [Pacific Standard Time]. If you send during these peak response times then ensure to obtain quick and more answers.

Keep the survey short and interesting

Customers don’t gain anything from answering the feedback questions, so ensure to keep surveys short and sweet. Remember, 45% of people will spend 5 minutes maximum on feedback surveys and the number of people drop off as the survey gets longer.

Even if 45% of people agree to spend their valuable 5 minutes in a survey ensure to ask a clear and interesting question so that the respondents have fun in answering without the feeling that their time is wasted.

Offer incentives

There are multiple pros and cons associated with survey incentives. 34% of people agree to complete feedback surveys due to the discount, prize, or gift involved. You don’t desire to encourage opportunity-seekers [who rush through the questionnaire without taking it seriously] with an incentive offer in return for attaining their feedback.

On the other side, several people will never feel motivated to offer their feedback unless their viewpoint about you [good or bad] is extreme. You wish to obtain answers from the chosen respondents or representative sample not just extremes. The solution here is to donate to the respondent’s preferred charity every time they finish the survey.

Clarity and relevancy

People may not provide precise answers because the question can be irrelevant and confusing. Data quality can be controlled by writing proper survey questions.

Follow up

40% of people feel that organizations pay modest attention to feedback survey responses. Therefore, you need to set targets and measure business performance frequently. This will show people how much your brand cares for the feedback and will optimistically help to improve.

Feel grateful for the time people spent filling your survey forms. On your website publish the reports or follow up with them conveying how their feedback was used to make optimistic changes.

Keep your customers happy with feedback surveys!


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