Where Should You Place Different Kinds of Floor Mats?

Floor mats as most of you must be knowing are quite important for our offices, homes, and workplaces. However, are you aware of why and also where you should place them?

Ultimate Mats can offer you a very wide range of floor mats of different kinds, and all of them are meant for their own specific purposes. The following are a few specific locations where it is necessary to have certain floor mats.

  1. Entrances and exits

Most of us know this will be the first place where you must place your mats. The basic purpose of keeping mats in these areas is to trap entire dirt and water within the mat that otherwise people would bring inside and also make your floors dirty.

More importantly, the presence of dirt and wet floors can increase the chances of slipping, tripping, and falling because these dirty floors will decrease friction. Therefore, floormats at your entrances and exits will become a safety feature.

These entrance mats can also be simple single-color mats or one can print the logo of the company that can also be a part of the marketing plan of the company too.

  • Other wet areas

If there are areas having showers and also locker rooms, then there should be mats over there too. Particularly, the mats that are designed for the wet areas that can trap and/or also channel away the entire water.

  • Where your employees are standing for long hours

You must put anti-fatigue mats in such locations. These anti-fatigue mats will cut down on various wear and tear taking place on their joints and can make employees feel much better.

  • The Location where there were slip/fall accidents

There are certain locations within the premises, where you must have seen various incidents of slipping or falling incident, that is an ideal location for a mat. As an example, there are few high-traffic paths where there are 2 different flooring types, which can be slightly uneven. You can have any mat with certain beveled edges to cover both floors.

Also, there can be a place where any highly polished very hard floor may become slippery. You may like to put any mat in such places.

  • Clean rooms areas

There are a few areas available at your business place that must be kept perfectly ultra clean. You can benefit from placing sticky mats near the entrance in this area. These sticky mats can also have disposable sheets, which are regularly removed, hence the mats are mostly ready to grab any dirt that comes out of the bottoms of the shoes.

Maintenance and upkeeping of mats are equally important

Just obtaining these floor mats and then placing them in the proper spot is not enough. You also need to keep the floors regularly clean for the safety of your employees. At the same time, proper maintenance of all these materials is also equally important.

Without proper care and maintenance, all these mats will not only deteriorate and accumulate extra dirt but also soon bacteria may get developed, which may create a further health hazard for the employees.

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