Tips to Spot Difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

In the health and cosmetic world, you will find numerous products infused with cannabis. The reason why it is widely used is because of the multiple beneficial qualities of the cannabis plants that have treated millions of people since centuries.

All the cannabis plants extract isn’t known only for its goodness. Some compounds of the plant species also have negative effects on health, thus illegal to use in many countries. However, you can find inferior quality CBD products in abundance on unreliable online selling platforms. Hence, you need to seek out most popular bongs online while purchasing the products. No worries, of buying fake CBD products once you start buying from the most reliable online selling sources such as Express Smoke Shop.

Now, few words about cannabis:

All parts of the cannabis plants have been used for various purposes. Over the centuries its versatile qualities have been quite helpful in many ways. The oil extracted from the seeds was used for cooking and eliminating pain and to treat other inflammation health issues. The plant fiber was used in the textile industry, its other compounds extracted from leaves, stems and roots were used for relaxing the mind and even the whole weed was used to perform rituals.

Earlier, the consumption of cannabis plant extract was banned as it has THC (psychoactive element) in higher concentration. However, now manufacturers of the cannabidiol products have come up with products that have negligible THC in them.

Hence, the cannabis extract-based products are totally safe for usage purpose. There are innumerable kinds of cannabis plants cultivated all over the globe having cannabidiol or CBD in great proportion. However, their other compounds aren’t healthy to use for a long time. Hence, manufacturers of CBD products mainly use hemp plant extracted CBD that possess best healthy support elements among all.

There are two kinds of cannabis plant extract mainly used for its health benefits.

Hemp oil:

The oil is extracted from the hemp plants various parts like stalk, stem, flowers and leaves. It contains all the goodness of the hemp plants. It has THC and other compounds that are quite beneficial for enhancing user’s health. The hemp oil contains THC may be up to 0.3%. Thus, the oil is safest for consumption by any person.

Hemp seed oil is another variant of hemp oil that is extracted by using quite complicated process. It has been used mainly as a food ingredient for its nutty flavor. Its therapeutic value is highly recognized in herbal healing products sector.

CBD oil:

It is derived from the hemp plant parts by using CO2 cold press extraction method or use ethanol extraction methods to maintain cannabidiol’s beneficial qualities. The oil is used to make many products for treating health issues as well as in beauty products.

There is a slight difference between CBD oil and hemp oil. You can enjoy CBD qualities while using hemp oil as it contains CBD however CBD oil doesn’t have all the beneficial components of hemp oil.

To know the difference, you need to read the label of the pack to know the composition. Enjoy both kinds of cannabis oil to treat your health disorders and to improve your skin beauty.


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