Top Reasons Why CPR Matters

CPR can be life-saving. CPR certification means you understand how to effectively administer CPR. This certification can be life-saving for patients in severe medical distress.

CPR is vital in situations when a person’s breathing stops or their heart stops beating. The victim can be helped until help arrives by using rapid chest compressions that mimic the heart beating.

Death can occur quickly when the heart stops beating or the body stops breathing. CPR can save lives while you wait for emergency personnel to arrive.

1. CPR Saves Lives

Sudden Cardiac Arrest(SCA) can occur at any place and time. SCA victims must receive immediate medical attention. CPR done immediately can double to triple the odds of survival from an outside-hospital cardiac arrest.

2. CPR Protects Against Brain Death

The heart stops pumping blood from the brain causing cardiac arrest. The victim will become unconscious if there is a decrease in blood flow to the brain. Without adequate blood flow, the brain might suffer damage within a matter of three minutes. Infeasible damage to the brain can result after nine minutes of no blood flow. CPR may be used to maintain blood flow and help reduce injury.

3. How To Deal With A Cardiac Emergency

In approximately 37%, Sudden cardiac arrest is witnessed by an outsider. The bystander could be yourself! CPR course Sydney equips you with the knowledge, confidence, skills, and ability to keep calm in a medical emergency. CPR is a skill that can be used to improve the lives of others.

When ordinary people have the courage, confidence, skills and courage to help someone in crisis, extraordinary things can be achieved.

4. Every Minute Counts During An Emergency

Every second counts when dealing with a medical emergency. Sudden Cardiac Affliction victims require immediate CPR. This is to prevent any damage from the lack of blood flow. CPR can increase the victim’s chance of survival.

5. Faster Recovery For Victims

SCA sufferers who are given early CPR have a higher chance of survival than those who don’t. CPR is a technique that can improve breathing and blood flow. This aids in recovery. Sometimes, victims can return to life with few side effects from high-quality CPR.

6. CPR Makes Home Safer For Everyone

The majority of cardiac arrests in occur at home. This amounts to 250,000 deaths each year in Australian households. CPR training can equip you with the skills to provide help to loved ones who are in most need.

7. CPR Makes Work Safety More Secure

Each year, in the Australia, there are about 100,000 cardiac arrests in the workplace. For any business, safety at work is essential. Many companies now train employees in CPR, so they are ready to assist if there is a Sudden Cardiac Aneurysm. CPR training can reduce workplace injuries and even save lives. CPR training for employees is a sign that the company values their health and well being.

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